The Mighty Schokotron

The Mighty Schokotron is a parting gift to the fantastic and highly chocolate addicted team of the White Business Unit at XING, in Hamburg.

The Schokotron takes over the important task of spreading happiness in form of sugar and fat from its creators who planted the seed and continuously nurtured an unhealthy chocolate addiction of their teammates.

The custom built ChocolateOS tech stack, running on a Raspberry Pi that is hooked up through a public wifi, connecting to the Twitter API, enables the Schokotron to listen carefully to teammates in need of greasy calories.

Schokotron is completely custom built by two left hands and the first and last of its kind. After its genesis, its codebase is maintained by XING employees. The Mighty Schokotron can be forked on Github by any chocolate enthusiast.


How it works


Version history

Schokotron has a lot of potential waiting to be unleashed.

Status quo

Version 1.0

November 31th 2017

Genesis release

  • Twitter API integration
  • Identification of friends (known users)
  • Accepting new "friends" through vouching of known users
  • Parsing of tweets from "friends"
  • Recognition of keyword "chocolate" and opening of hatch
  • Success tweet for recognised commands
  • Instructional tweet for unrecognised commands
  • Random audio-visual remark on success
  • Random audio-visual annoyance in case of continuing boredom
  • Further development

    Version 1.1

    Overweight release

    Watch out for users by tracking their habitual chocolate-craze frequency and publicly shame them through publishing statistics on calorie intake on this website. (This could also help in figuring out who has to buy the next batch of chocolate)

    Version 1.2

    Nicety release

    Weight incoming tweets based on vocabulary through a word list to issue chocolate only to nice users. Let them hang out to dry a bit until releasing chocolate and continuously evaluate who is a true friend and who isn't.

    Version 1.3

    Natural langue release

    Enable Schokotron to actually listen to commands. In all languages spoken at XING. Bonus chocolate to those who know how to say "chocolate" in more than three languages.

    Version 1.4

    Spectacle release

    Enable Schokotron to actually see and recognise chocolate junkies to decide who gets some and who doesn't through facial recognition (Hackweek project, anyone?).

    Father figures

    Even though Schokotron was intended as a farewell present solely gifted from Gunnar and Ferdi, its creation would not have been possible without Davids amazing ability to hammer out code on lengths end while others sleep and Dennis' skills to swiftly create fully functional backends on limited resources in no time.

    The chocolate industry