Building a Schokotron.

If you plan to build your own Schokotron and are looking for some insights on what could go wrong, you might want to have a look here.

The concept phase

Start off by developing an incredibly detailed concept like the one above, leaving no questions unanswered.

The woodworks

Be aware that the size of your Schokotron defines on how much you will have to spend on chocolate to fill it up. We decided for a 50x50x50 version which adds up to a volume of 12,5 liters to be filled with chocolate. We figured that out after building it.

The drilling and stuff

Drill a lot of holes to build a solid and sturdy Schokotron that is prepared against chocolate theft.

The fine tuning

Be aware that if you use your fathers workshop in his presence, he will have lots of ideas to improve the looks of your Schokotron – resulting in more work.

The assembly

Put everything together until you got a nice body.

The bowls

We built a little ramp that drives the chocolate to the hatch and also creates room for its brains and bowls.

The dome

The bobbly fish bowl gets on top to enable users to see whether some chocolate is left.

The hole

No need for explanation. You did this before when you built your Ikea kitchen, didn't you?

The cheese grater

Using this metal cheese grater type-of tool apparently makes a difference in making the edges softer.

The success

Its a hole. We were happy.

The kids toilet

If your result so far looks like little lavatory you did everything right. Just make sure no kids are around.

The kids toilet with a dome

This is the point in the project where you could easily get distracted by the idea of dropping everything and building a flying toilet looking like a UFO instead.

The locking mechanism

Depending on the level of trust towards your colleagues, you might want to integrate a hook for a lock.

The hinge

If you have a handy father around, he might custom build a hinge for you. Thanks dad!

The display cables

To our surprise, a display needs connecting cables we didn't really think about. So we needed to make some room for them.

The same

The same thing as before, but moving.

The body, fully assembled

The try in fully assembling the body. Depending on your skills and those of your father, you can get to this point in about 12 hrs. Getting all parts excluded.

The eyes

To match the size of the hole for the display-eyes, another cheese grater needs to be used.

The beauty of chinese factories

Thanks to chinese factories, we got eyes for the Schokotron at a bargain.

The locking mechanism

You might go for a door buzzer. But this thing is much easier to attach. We had to learn it the hard way.

The start of the paint job

Your Schokotron needs some color. Unfortunately, any paint instantly vanishes into the wood.

The base layer 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Plan to have a lot of paint and time until you got an evenly white base layer on your Schokotron.

The idiots

Assembling your Schokotron before painting it proves to get difficult once you realise that it's hard to paint it on the inside this way, duh!

The whiteness

Once you spent a months salary on paint, you will finally get a white Schokotron.

The electrics

Muster all memories left from 10th grade in school to figure out the electrical layout for the locking mechanism. Once you did, reach back even further for your soldering skills.

The electrics, again

Once you are done not burning all parts, decide that there is an even better electrical solution and start all over again. This is the time when a breadboard comes in handy to test everything before soldering it to a clump.

The robot paint job

When you decide to get silver paint and the image of the tin on Amazon looks really old and rusty, expect an extremely old and rusty tin to arrive at your doorstep containing gooey old paint.

The wheels

A robot needs wheels. Don't bother measuring how large they should be. Just order any to get a nice surprise delivered.

The wheels, assembled

Again, don't bother measuring anything when attaching the wheels.

The arms

A robot also needs arms for world domination. A word of advice: think about how to attach them before ordering them.

The hello

Once your robots arms are attached, it may be able to assist in taking care of all the blood on your hands from the cuts you got while attaching the aluminum.

The joy

Isn't it cute?

The chocolate filling

The chocolate you see here didn't even fill the Schokotron half. Get more and think hard why you chose the big model.

The model type

Every robot needs a model type plate. Ask your brother to laser one for you, in case he has an industrial laser standing around.

The model type, lasered

There it is.

The pack shot

Take some pictures of your Schokotron for its website.

The joy

Being secretly transported to its new home it looks happy, doesn't it?

The hiding place

Hide your Schokotron in that little storage room in your office, nobody would ever think of cleaning up – until you reveal it to the team. Can you see it? It's standing still in the right corner in the back.